The importance of millimeter accurate drone data on towers

Part 4 of 4: Understanding Bentley OpenTower® iQ


Ted Miller

Founder & Chairman
Visual Intelligence

Laura Graves

Head of Global Content & Research

  Part 4 of 4: Why did we partnered with Bentley to build OpenTower® iQ?  

An interview with Ted Miller, Founder and former Chairman / CEO of Crown Castle International and Founder and Chairman of Visual Intelligence

Recognized as one of the founding fathers of the global tower industry, Ted Miller has now turned his attention to drones and the digitalization of the sector to address some of the big issues that towercos still face 25 years on from his founding of Crown Castle. As manufacturers of the first drone sensor technology to provide millimeter accuracy, and with a unique partnership in place with Bentley, Visual Intelligence is set to revolutionize the way that towercos operate and do business.

 Laura Graves 

What is OpenTower iQ and can you explain the nature of your Bentley partnership?

 Ted Miller 

Building a new kind of sensor that can capture millimeter data was only half the equation. After all, what good are engineering-accurate 3D models if today’s software is designed around the low fidelity data that off-the-shelf drones produce? We needed software that could interpret engineering-grade data and translate it into previously unseen insights and new forms of automation. This is why we partnered with Bentley to develop and exclusively offer OpenTower® iQ.

In building OpenTower iQ, we fused Bentley’s expertise in AI and automation with our precision tower digital models to offer the only solution capable of producing engineering analysis and reports.

Visual Intelligence Supports the Launch of a Millimeter-Class Digital Twin Solution for the Tower Industry

OpenTower iQ is a telecom tower solution purpose-built to help owners and operators generate tower digital twins that simply their workflows and increase asset understanding. Using artificial intelligence, OpenTower iQ analyzes tower detail to automate inspection, reporting and engineering analysis. Increased tower model fidelity enables new capabilities including structural and mount analysis, as-designed versus as-built comparisons, vendor equipment recognition, and automated report generation. This results in better lifecycle decisions, improved engineering analysis, and reduced costs of ownership.

Bentley is a true partner in every sense of the word, and together we’re committed to exploring how this new class of tower data will expand OpenTower iQ features and unlock new and innovative capabilities.

 Laura Graves 

In what tangible ways does OpenTower iQ help tower stakeholders? Is this tool largely for engineers only?

 Ted Miller 

In OpenTower iQ, we’ve automated many new engineering analysis and reports. As I mentioned previously, increased digital model fidelity unlocks new capabilities including structural and mount analysis, loading analysis, as built versus as-designed comparisons, CAD drawings, report generation and much more. But OpenTower iQ is not only for engineering departments. Engineering analysis is just the foundation all other departments rely on for decisions in their workflows.

For example;

  • Tower Owners reduce their overall CAPEX and OPEX costs by removing additional visits and administration, achieving better forecast revenue with known portfolio capacity and condition.
  • Finance visibility increases revenue assurance by validating the make, model and owner of existing tower equipment, and identifying missed revenue potential.
  • Leasing gains a real-time view of available tower capacity, both physically and structurally and can accelerate delivery for tenants, improving the time to revenue .
  • Field Operations reduces redundant truck rolls and eliminates the need for tower climbs where millimeter-accurate dimensional reports are generated.
  • Maintenance can identify minor changes and tower defects, and make sure the right crew is dispatched to the right site with the right tools and equipment.
  • M&A can rapidly assess tower condition, equipment and capacity for enhanced purchasing decisions and onboarding procedures.
  • Network Operators can quickly access accurate information about their existing equipment configurations and potential space for upgrades, not to mention troubleshooting issues.

Enterprise-wide value is the key here. By establishing a baseline of millimeter-class tower information, we provide information that is useful across the entire enterprise. This is the purpose of OpenTower iQ and the repository of information that live within its digital twins.

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You will learn:

  • Challenges the tower industry has been facing for the past 25 years that are now being exacerbated
  • How Visual Intelligence’s ability to capture engineering grade measurements will revolutionize ways of working
  • What limitations of other drone technologies has Visual Intelligence overcome?
  • The nature of Visual Intelligence’s partnership with Bentley and what OpenTower iQ has to offer
  • The impact that digital twins can have throughout the entire towerco org chart and supply chain