Telecom is showing renewed interest in new lightweight version of Visual Intelligence patented Engineering Class drone sensor…

Telecom Shows Interest in Visual Intelligence’s Revamped Engineering Class Drone Sensors Leveraging Sony Electronics’ Alpha 7R IV Camera

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HOUSTON – Feb. 13, 2023 – Visual Intelligence, the first unified drone sensor and software platform capable of digitizing physical infrastructure at millimeter accuracy, is ramping up production on a new lightweight version of its patented Engineering Class drone sensor. The manufacturing increase is in response to renewed interest from the Telecom sector in an emerging category of drone data offerings that serve engineering workflows and benefit digital twin analysis across an asset’s complete lifecycle.

Visual Intelligence was founded by Ted Miller, who is well known in the Telecom industry. Previously, Mr. Miller founded Crown Castle International Corp. (NYSE:CCI), a global wireless communications infrastructure company currently valued in excess of $80 billion, where he served as Chairman and CEO. Mr. Miller is currently also involved in various other Telecom-adjacent technology ventures.

“While drone technology isn’t new to the Telecom industry, drone data that has engineering applications is unprecedented,” said Ted Miller, Founder and Chairman of Visual Intelligence. “The industry is finally ready to switch out of analog-mode and embrace digital reinvention. As more companies discover the potential of Engineering Class 3D data, we’re aligning ourselves with market leaders like Sony Electronics, who are equipped to grow and serve an international audience.”

The latest version of Visual Intelligence’s MACS-3D™ sensor features a compact and lightweight design that provides increased compatibility with smaller commercial class drones, including the popular DJI Matrice 300. The patented dual-sensor drone payload is equipped with two Sony Alpha 7R IV cameras that have been specialized for tower data collection. Visual Intelligence worked closely with Sony to integrate Sony Alpha-series technology into the sensor’s unique dual-camera configuration, optimizing the setup for 3D reality model coverage and accuracy.

“Sony Alpha camera technology combined with Visual Intelligence’s automation platform and design for UAS payloads creates transformative, engineering-grade data for design, 3D modeling, inspection, and analysis of critical infrastructure,” said John Monti, Director Industrial Camera Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. “We value our relationship with Visual Intelligence as we explore the boundaries of image sensing combined with drone-based methodologies for photogrammetry.”

Visual Intelligence is currently engaging in Telecom projects with multiple tower companies across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Africa.


Visual Intelligence is a unified drone sensor and software automation platform that digitizes physical infrastructure with millimeter accuracy to reliably deliver 3D, engineering-grade asset intelligence.
Using patented dual-sensor drone technology and proprietary enterprise software, Visual Intelligence generates billions of datapoints to map exponentially more measurable surface area than any alternative aerial or ground-based method. Our unique sensor-software pairing is the first industry solution that enables enterprises to capture and execute around engineering-grade digital twins. By maximizing data fidelity and coverage, we’re exponentially increasing the ability of artificial intelligence to automate performance capacity at an engineering level, feeding insights upstream and across new business units, vendors and geography.

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