Why do millimeters matter?

Engineering Class 3D Drone Data



3d accuracy


model coverage

What is Engineering Class 3d data?
The data fidelity and coverage needed for applications that require millimeter-accurate measurements, such as engineering analysis and structural design. Engineering class digital models have accuracy that provides 1/16th inch (or 1.6 mm) RMS error or better across 99% the structure.

Engineering Class 3D Data

Engineering class drone data is a new class of 3d data that provides millimeter accuracy across 99% of a tower’s surface to enable new forms of automation and analysis for Telecom.

Structural calculations

Visual observations

Refreshes tower data

Requires existing legacy data

High AI result confidence

Low AI result confidence

High reusability over lifecycle

Limited value over time

Useful in immersive AR/VR/MR experiences

Provides a poor digital experience

More measurable data points.

3D digital models are created from point clouds. The greater the point cloud density, the more measurable points in a model.


Increase in point cloud density over off-the-shelf consumer drone sensors

Drone data is only as useful as the degree measurements approach the true value.

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Engineering Class Measurability


Bolt Sizes

Plate Thickness

Pipe Thickness

One collection. Many uses.

As data quality increases, so too does its applications.


Engineering Class

2D Images
Site Mapping
Structure Heights
Equipment Types
Antenna Positions
Major Defects
Critical Measurements
Make, Model, Owner
Design Model
As-Built v. As-Designed
Mount Map
Tower Map
Mount Analysis
Tower Analysis
TIA Reporting
Change Detection
Minor Defects
CAD Drawings
Structural Capacity
BIM Modeling



Inspection Class

2D Images
Site Mapping
Structure Heights
Equipment Types
Antenna Positions
Major Defects

Take virtual experiences to the next level

Only Engineering Class 3d models can rival in-person experiences.

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