To refresh your records, your digitization plan must be based each site’s active status.

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Create a digital replica of sites and apply AI to reset tower attributes.


Reduce site expenditures by 25% through virtual site visits and automated analysis.


Decrease truck rolls by 70% when up-to-date 3d information is available.

Digital twins alone won’t solve your problems.

But if your digitization plan is based on a solid understanding of what information currently exists and what needs to be generated, it can reset your database to the current as-built truth.


Site digitization includes tower and ground assets, and drone collections are dictated by requirements identified in the assessment.​





Site analytics are produced automatically using the 3D site data collected and AI-powered Digital Twin attribute extraction.​

3D Model

Digital Twin


Fully digitize tower and ground assets.

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We help complex Telecom companies utilize emerging technologies.

Learn more how we assess and cleanse tower databases, generate critical intelligence, and inform teams with a new digital core.

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Tower Structure & Equipment

Full digital replicas of tower structures, including tower structure, equipment, cabling, safety systems, and more.​

3D Reality Mesh

3D Point Cloud

2D Photos

360 Panorama

BIM Modeling

Ground Compound & Assets

Completely digitized ground areas including site access, gate and signage, internal and external compound, and more.

3D Reality Mesh

3D Internal Compound

2D Orthomosaic

2D Photos

Drive-Up Video

Use digital twins to extract tower analytics.

Automatically identify equipment, capacity, condition, and more.

After our team collects site data, we then use AI-based digital twins to produce site analytics, cleansing your site data and filling knowledge gaps.

Dimensions & Measurements

Equipment Make & Model

Tilt, Azimuth, Orientation

Structural Geometry & Space

CAD Generation

Collections are guided by your assessment findings.


5.0 – 10.0mm Accuracy | 80% Coverage​

Applied where recent data is updated, and access to detailed CAD site drawings and Structural Analysis is available.​


2.5 – 7.5mm Accuracy | 90% Coverage​

Applied where older records are available, and access CAD site drawings and / or older Structural Analysis is available.


0.5 – 3.0mm Accuracy | 99% Coverage​

Applied where no visible records for the site are available, and only core database information suggests actual position.

Why do millimeters matter?

Your portfolio collection might look like this.

A typical digitization plan requires a mix of drone data accuracies, depending on the presence, age, and quality of site information available.

Engineering Class

The data fidelity and coverage needed for applications that require millimeter-accurate measurements, such as engineering analysis and structural design. Engineering class digital models provide 1/16th inch (or 1.6 mm) RMS error or better across 99% the structure.

Patented Drone Sensor Technology

3D tower data is only as good as the sensor that collects it.

Drone data is limited by the sensor payload. Most drone sensors are designed to capture centimeter-accurate datasets. While useful for high-level site visibility, these sensors don’t eliminate site visits.

This led us down a path to reinvent the sensor itself. Building on insider knowledge of the tower industry, as well as decades of photogrammetry experience, we created the industry’s first aerial sensor capable of collecting 3D engineering-grade tower data.


3D accuracy


Model coverage

Turnkey Digitization for Telecom

We are a new kind of digital-forward services company that applies advances in drones, computing, and AI to assess and cleanse tower databases, generate critical intelligence, and inform teams with a new digital core.



We start with a tailored and use case-based assessment of your core database to identify site information quality and gaps.



Then, we digitize sites using aerial and ground-based sensors to develop a digital site footprint, then apply AI to reset missing information.



Using up-to-date site information and AI-based Digital Twin automation, we produce new documentation or simulations.



Last, we centralize site information in a database to establish a single source of truth, and sync with your system of records.

Reduce the cost and timeline of traditional telecom services by applying emerging digital technologies.

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