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The promise of drones in telecom.

Dual 120MP cameras

Twin 60MP cameras configured for bistatic angle collection.

Sub-millimeter GSD

A resolution of 0.5mm from a safe 10 meters from tower.

Interchangeable lenses

Adjustable 35, 55, 85, 135mm lenses for optimal collections.

Engineering Class Drone Sensor

3d data is only as good as the sensor that collects it.

Drone data is limited by the sensor payload. Most drone sensors are designed to capture centimeter-accurate datasets. While useful for high-level site visibility, these sensors don’t eliminate site visits.

This led us down a path to reinvent the sensor itself. Building on insider knowledge of the tower industry, as well as decades of photogrammetry experience, we created the industry’s first aerial sensor capable of collecting 3D engineering-grade tower data.


3D accuracy


Model coverage

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Safer Standoff Distance

Perform safer drone flights with a farther tower standoff distance.


More detail per photo

Capture more point cloud detail per photo with dual 120MP sensors.


Optimized field of view

Capture more tower area and make less errors with an optimized field of view.


Improved structural coverage

Digitize an asset from simultaneous angles for coverage and depth.

In partnership with Sony

Visual Intelligence has partnered with Sony to optimize camera technology for the collection of Engineering-grade 3d data.

Sensor Comparison

Tower structures

Based on years of development and dozens of international patents, as well as collaboration with technology partners like Sony Electronics Inc, we’ve developed the only sensor designed for Telecom assets that is capable of consistently collecting Engineering Class 3D drone data.

With an optimized FOV and bistatic angles, the VI MACS-3D sensor captures more detail per photo at a safer distance from the tower structure.

Camera 12MP single camera 120MP dual camera
Lens 8.8mm fixed lens 35, 55, 85, 135mm adjustable lens
Resolution 4.0-12.0mm at 5m 1.0-1.7mm at 12m
GSD 1.4mm at 5m 0.5mm at 10m
FOV 27-45° 78°
Coverage 80% surface coverage 99% surface area
Measurability 4pts per cm2 100pts per cm2
Standoff Distance 5m from center of tower 12m from center of tower

New Lightweight Design

“Visual Intelligence Unveils Lightweight Version of Engineering Class Drone Sensor System”

Visual Intelligence’s new MACS-3D™ sensor module features a compact design that fits on various drone manufacture models, and a lightweight payload that provides increased compatibility with smaller commercial class drones – including the DJI Matrice 300.

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Other products


Collection management software that automates flights, standardizes operations and streamlines dataflow.


Innovative digital twin engines to visualize, inspect, plan, and analyze towers in a 3D collaborative environment.


Fully delivered site drawings, mapping, reports, and analysis generated from Engineering Class drone data.

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