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Before collecting site data, assess what data you need to collect.

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Discover a 15% reduction in overstressed sites by identifying structures over-designed for the location.


26% of sites can accept one additional operator by identifying spare capacity from undefined equipment.

Before digitizing sites, first understand what data you need to collect, and what needs to be generated using the data.

Site assessments that guide site digitization.

Before mobilizing drone operators to collect tower or ground data, make sure they have the right tools and collection plan for the site.

Our assessments provide visibility into the active health of each site and status of site documentation. This forms the foundation for digitization requirements, as well as opportunities for portfolio optimization.

Database Review

Our expert consultants begin by gathering detailed information across key areas using a combination of historical data, current records, and site visits where necessary.

Attribute Scoring

Using industry benchmarks and standards, our team will then perform a detailed review of site parameters via straightforward “red, amber, or green” indicators.


Finally, based on your assessment results, we identify opportunities for portfolio optimization and devise digitization strategies to acquire missing information.

The missing ingredient in your digitization strategy.

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We help complex Telecom companies utilize emerging technologies.

Learn more how we assess and cleanse tower databases, generate critical intelligence, and inform teams with a new digital core.

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Portfolio Visibility

Our tools consolidate site detail to provide a centralized view of tower regions for work prioritization and operational budget focus.

Digitization Plan

Growth Opportunities

Site Prioritization

Database Enrichment

Budget Optimization

Regional Capacity

Site-Level Detail

Assessments are performed on a site-level basis, across 11 key areas. We identify where information is missing, outdated, or incorrect.

Structural Capacity

Site Maintenance

Power Systems

Safety & Security


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How we conduct assessments

Every customer database if different. Our assessments can be performed remotely or onsite, depending on how your records are kept, and are tailored to fit specific use case.


Our team can visit your office to review core database information and documentation.


We can perform a virtual data analysis of core database information and documentation.


When needed, our team is trained to execute drive-by inspections for data validation.

Turnkey Digitization for Telecom

We are a new kind of digital-forward services company that applies advances in drones, computing, and AI to assess and cleanse tower databases, generate critical intelligence, and inform teams with a new digital core.



We start with a tailored and use case-based assessment of your core database to identify site information quality and gaps.



Then, we digitize sites using aerial and ground-based sensors to develop a digital site footprint, then apply AI to reset missing information.



Using up-to-date site information and AI-based Digital Twin automation, we produce new documentation or simulations.



Last, we centralize site information in a database to establish a single source of truth, and sync with your system of records.

Reduce the cost and timeline of traditional telecom services by applying emerging digital technologies.

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