This partnership enables PNe to leverage millimeter-accurate 3D tower models to rapidly discover…

PNe Partnership Maximizes Tower Utilization Using Engineering Class Drone Data and Digital Twin Analysis

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Press Team

Houston, TX, USA – February 20, 2023 – Visual Intelligence, the leader in delivering an emerging new category of Engineering Class 3D drone data to Telecom asset managers, has announced a partnership with Private Network Enterprises (PNe), a professional services firm that offers consulting, design and engineering, deployment, and operations services, to maximize tower capacity and increase revenue by using cutting-edge Digital Twin analysis and automation. This partnership enables PNe to leverage millimeter-accurate 3D tower models to rapidly discover and assess available loading, simulate possible equipment types, and indicate available locations on tower structures.

3D data from drones is quickly becoming commonplace in Telecom. However, the information traditionally provided by single-camera, off-the-shelf UAVs does little to aide engineering-grade tower analysis. To analyze tower and mount structures, and estimate available capacity, millimeter-accurate critical measurements are required. Off-the-shelf drones rarely produce this level of accuracy, especially at tower sites that have complex lattice structures, guy-wires, or EMI interference.

Using patented dual-sensor drone technology that has been specially tailored for tower infrastructure, Visual Intelligence delivers a new class of 3D Reality Model that provides both millimeter-accuracy and near-complete surface coverage. This new “Engineering Class” 3D data opens the door to Digital Twin analysis that applies to both pre- and post-construction, and extends into maintenance workflows with engineer-level quality and sign-off. The collaboration between Visual Intelligence and PNe demonstrates the utility of this data class to aide in and automate complex structural analysis. This 3d data is also reusable in future analysis, giving PNe the added ability to re-analyze digitized sites in real-time.

“As a professional services firm that specializes in telecom engineering analysis, we’ve been waiting for drones to deliver a caliber of 3D data that is meaningful in our workflows,” said Antonio Lombardo, CTO at PNe. “The data that Visual Intelligence has delivered is a tipping point for the industry, and has already proven invaluable in helping our team rapidly assess sites for unused capacity and increasing our tower revenue.”

In a recent project, PNe analyzed a large region of sites for a leading MNO to identify available tower capacity. PNe used Engineering Class 3D Reality Models to virtually visit sites and perform critical measurements, assessments, and walk-throughs. PNe also leveraged AI-powered Digital Twin technology to automate Mount and Structural Analysis, providing the MNO with Engineer-stamped designs, reports, and analysis of sites. Visual Intelligence provided capture services, data processing, and access to the Digital Twin platform.

“PNe’s use of ultra-precision 3D Modeling and Digital Twin analysis sets them apart in the marketplace,” said Ted Miller, Founder of Visual Intelligence and former Chairman, CEO of Crown Castle International (NYSE: CCI). “Not only did they quickly discover unused capacity on towers, but they now have a means to rapidly provide additional services to MNOs using the existing Digital Twin.”


Visual Intelligence is a unified drone sensor and software automation platform that digitizes physical infrastructure with millimeter accuracy to reliably deliver 3D, engineering-grade asset intelligence.

Using patented dual-sensor drone technology and proprietary enterprise software, Visual Intelligence generates billions of datapoints to map exponentially more measurable surface area than any alternative aerial or ground-based method. Our unique sensor-software pairing is the first industry solution that enables enterprises to capture and execute around engineering-grade digital twins. By maximizing data fidelity and coverage, we’re exponentially increasing the ability of artificial intelligence to automate performance capacity at an engineering level, feeding insights upstream and across new business units, vendors and geography.



Private Network Enterprises (PNe) is a professional services firm offering turnkey solutions for a variety of custom broadband and fiber networks. Anything from consultation, design and engineering, integration, infrastructure planning deployment and optimization. The use of 3D modeling and Digital Twin Analysis is a key component when employing a vertical asset evaluation or acquisition. Our clients benefit from the fact they can recycle/reuse previous collected data and save the expense of re-deploying manned crews.


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