Visual Intelligence Patners with ARE

Visual Intelligence and ARE Partner to Deliver Rail and Utility Engineering Services Based On Newly Enabled Millimeter-Class Drone Data


Houston, TX, USA – February 25, 2021 – Visual Intelligence and ARE announce a partnership to bring the benefits of millimeter-class drone data and engineering analysis to the Rail and Utility industries.

Drone technology is playing an increasingly important role in managing physical infrastructure, however drone data isn’t benefiting everyone evenly. For most use cases, Engineering departments receive minimal value from inspection-class datasets and 3D models. Enterprises are beginning to recognize that they need to dramatically improve accuracy and coverage for drone data to add long-term value across all aspects of business.

Visual Intelligence is the first unified drone platform capable of digitizing physical infrastructure with millimeter accuracy. With data that is 10-20 times more accurate than mobile Lidar technologies and 50-100 times more accurate than single camera commercial drones, this new class of drone data opens the door to an unexplored category of offerings that serve engineering workflows and benefit analysis across an asset’s complete lifecycle. Visual Intelligence will work with ARE to capture engineering-grade datasets on infrastructure including railways, bridges and utilities to better analyze structures and provide unprecedented services to customers.

Ted Miller
Founder of Visual Intelligence and former Chairman, CEO of Crown Castle International (NYSE: CCI).

“ARE’s knowledge of infrastructure lifecycles, its proven engineering expertise, and its progressive approaches to solving customer challenges is a natural fit for our technology in the rail and utility industries,” said Ted Miller, Founder of Visual Intelligence and former Chairman, CEO of Crown Castle International (NYSE: CCI). “Currently delivering UAS solutions in 27 states across the US, this partnership will bring the value of millimeter-class data to rail and bridge engineering analysis across the country.”

ARE will become part of the Visual Intelligence provider ecosystem, a worldwide network of partnerships that offers proprietary access to sensors and software to help partners achieve engineering-grade accuracy from drone captures, enabling new forms of automation, maintenance efficiencies and engineering analysis.

Dave Anderson, PE
Chief Executive Officer at ARE

“We believe this new class of drone data will address an underserved, but foundational part of infrastructure management – the engineering department,” said Dave Anderson, PE, CEO at ARE. “With engineering-grade accuracy, we’ll unlock the full potential of digital twins, artificial intelligence and inspection automation, placing our customers on a path for success in the new digital infrastructure era.”

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Visual Intelligence is a unified drone sensor and software automation platform that digitizes physical infrastructure with millimeter accuracy to reliably deliver 3D, engineering-grade asset intelligence.

Using patented dual-sensor drone technology and proprietary enterprise software, Visual Intelligence generates billions of datapoints to map exponentially more measurable surface area than any alternative aerial or ground-based method. Our unique sensor-software pairing is the first industry solution that enables enterprises to capture and execute around engineering-grade digital twins. By maximizing data fidelity and coverage, we’re exponentially increasing the ability of artificial intelligence to automate performance capacity at an engineering level, feeding insights upstream and across new business units, vendors and geography.


ARE is an engineering and technology company, setting the standard in enhanced data collection, analysis, and engineering. Through customized deliverables, ARE provides data and insight to help clients make informed decisions. ARE boasts an innovative team of engineers, UAS pilots, data analysts, GIS specialists and software developers. As a resource to the rail and utility industries, they support the structural safety, reliability and availability of critical infrastructure. Serving clients nationwide, ARE is committed to safety, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

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