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As data quality increases,
so too do digital twin applications.

Engineering structural analysis

Unlock engineering workflows with analysis based on millimeter-accurate 3d tower information.

Report & drawing automation

Use Artificial Intelligence to automate tower inspections, assessments, drawings, and reporting.

Planning & simulations

Optimize space with accurate inventory information and predictive tools that enable engineers to test scenarios in 3D.

Digital Twins are only as smart as the underlying 3d model.


Engineering Class
drone data

Tower structure, equipment, compound.

Millimeter-accurate data translates into engineering-grade digital twin intelligence and automation.


Engineering applications
and workflows

AI-based automation and analysis.

Think lifecycle management. Not simply “inspections.”

Digitize Tower Assets

Generate 3D towers models that provide complete tower coverage and millimeter precision measurements, providing the ability to check member sizes, bolt sizes and geometry properties of the structure and assets.

Identify Equipment Type

Use artificial intelligence to identify and count panel antennas, microwave dishes and RRU/RRH elements.

Make, Model & Owner

Use artificial intelligence to automatically identify and report equipment make, model and ownership.

Mount & Tower Mapping

Create powerful 3D mount and tower maps for engineering analysis and reporting.

Structural Analysis

Understand structural position and capacity of current tower infrastructure, and simulate engineering modifications or installations.

Detect Changes Over Time

Identify millimeter-class changes on tower infrastructure over time, and flag critical components by type and importance.

Automatically Recognize Tower Defects

Automatically identify rust, corrosion and areas of concern, as well as damage to the structure, missing members or bolts, safety critical handrail and fall arrest systems, and more.

Generate Engineering Drawings

Automatically update existing CAD drawings or create a new site elevation and plan schematics to comply with internal and external processes.

Compare As-Built with As-Designed

Overlay the design model as planned with an engineering-class reality model to identify differences.

Visualize sites

View, measure and analyze using millimeter-accurate, 3D models of tower infrastructure.

Inspect equipment

Use artificial intelligence to automate inspection workflows and tower reports.

Analyze structures

Perform tower analysis including change detection, modifications and report generation.

Plan modifications

Enable engineers to test scenarios with accurate loading information and predictive tools.

Team collaboration

Access site information and share insights across vendors and stakeholders.

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One collection. Many uses.


Engineering Class

2D Images
Site Mapping
Structure Heights
Equipment Types
Antenna Positions
Major Defects
Critical Measurements
Make, Model, Owner
Design Model
As-Built v. As-Designed
Mount Map
Tower Map
Mount Analysis
Tower Analysis
TIA Reporting
Change Detection
Minor Defects
CAD Drawings
Structural Capacity
BIM Modeling


Inspection Class

2D Images
Site Mapping
Structure Heights
Equipment Types
Antenna Positions
Major Defects

Introducing OpenTower iQ

OpenTower iQ is a software venture between Visual Intelligence and Bentley Systems to translate dense point cloud information into insights and analysis tailored to the tower industry.

  • Digital Twin Creation
  • Inspection Automation
  • Engineering Analysis

Other products


Patented dual-sensor drone technology created to deliver millimeter-class data and near-complete surface coverage.


Collection management software that automates flights, standardizes operations and streamlines dataflow.


Fully delivered site drawings, mapping, reports, and analysis generated from Engineering Class drone data.

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