Visual Intelligence, the first unified drone platform to digitize physical infrastructure with millimeter accuracy, partners with Bentley Systems…

Visual Intelligence Supports the Launch of a Millimeter-Class Digital Twin Solution for the Tower Industry

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Houston, TX – March 23, 2021 – Visual Intelligence, the first unified drone platform to digitize physical infrastructure with millimeter accuracy, partners with Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Nasdaq: BSY), the infrastructure engineering software company, to introduce OpenTower® iQ a purpose-built telecom tower solution to help telecommunication owners and operators realize the true value of a digital-twin that automates downstream workflow, including inspection and engineering analysis.

Visual Intelligence uses patented dual-sensor drone technology and proprietary enterprise software, to generate billions of datapoints and map exponentially more measurable tower surface area than any alternative aerial or ground-based method. Combining our unique sensor offering with Bentley’s OpenTower iQ-software provides the first industry solution capable of digitizing physical tower infrastructure with millimeter accuracy. The result is reliably delivering as-built 3D models that serve as a foundation for engineering-grade tower intelligence.

“The true value of a Digital-Twin can be vastly extended with engineering-grade data accuracy,” said Apurba Tribedi, Senior Director of Bentley Tower Products. “By capturing high-resolution data with their patented sensors, Visual Intelligence extends capabilities to extract engineering class insights and unlocks new use cases.”

Visual Intelligence utilizes OpenTower iQ technology to translate new fidelity data into engineering-grade as-built 3D models. Using artificial intelligence, OpenTower iQ then analyzes tower detail to automate inspection and engineering analysis. Increased tower model fidelity facilitates new capabilities including structural and mount analysis, as-designed versus as-built comparisons, vendor equipment recognition, and automated report generation – resulting in better lifecycle decisions, improved engineering analysis, and reduced costs of ownership.

“OpenTower iQ has the potential to dramatically accelerate the adoption of drones in tower operations, and the utilization of digital twins to augment and replace traditional workflows,” said Ted Miller, Founder of Visual Intelligence and former Chairman, CEO of Crown Castle International (NYSE: CCI). “Millimeter-accurate measurements eliminate most tower climbs. Precision digital twins simulate tower loading and generate engineering drawings. AI-based inventory recognition and mount capacities accelerate purchase decisions. Millimeter data is key to unlocking digital twins, and OpenTower iQ is the first and only analytics solution capable of translating this new fidelity of data into meaningful intelligence and automation.”

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Visual Intelligence is a unified drone sensor and software automation platform that digitizes physical infrastructure with millimeter accuracy to reliably deliver 3D, engineering-grade asset intelligence.

Using patented dual-sensor drone technology and proprietary enterprise software, Visual Intelligence generates billions of datapoints to map exponentially more measurable surface area than any alternative aerial or ground-based method. Our unique sensor-software pairing is the first industry solution that enables enterprises to capture and execute around engineering-grade digital twins. By maximizing data fidelity and coverage, we’re exponentially increasing the ability of artificial intelligence to automate performance capacity at an engineering level, feeding insights upstream and across new business units, vendors and geography.


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